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Welcome to doctor_sga. This is a community where people can write stories about the Atlantis cast as Doctors and Nurses etc... As someone put it to me, it's SGA meets ER.

The Cast

Doctor John Sheppard: This general surgery doctor is well liked by the nurses and other support staff, but disliked by the older generation of Doctors who feel that he doesn't know his "place" as a newer surgical doctor. He is said to have some sort of relationship with Doctor Elizabeth Weir, although no one knows for sure. (A hard thing to pull of in the close settings of a hospital.)

Doctor Elizabeth Weir: As an OB/GYN Doctor she is able to show compassion, but is also known to have a hard edge about her if she thinks an issue at the hospital needs to be addressed. Most of the Doctors at Atlantis General praise her abilities, and the ones who don't aren't much liked by anyone else, anyway. Her unknown relationship with Doctor Sheppard is the source of many locker room discussions between co-workers. Doctor Weir also seems to have the ear of Doctor Stephen Caldwell much more than the other Doctors. She went to Med School with Carson. Note: Some have been confused about if or if not Elizabeth is a surgery doc. Yes, an OB/GYN performes surgery. They do D&C (Miscarriages), Oopherectomys (Removal of Ovaries/Ovarian Cancer), and Laparoscopic fulgeration of Endometriosis (Removing the uterine tissue that is growing where it should not be) just to name a few. Elizabeth is a full fledged surgeon.

Doctor Stephen Caldwell: Having been the Chief of Surgery at Atlantis General for several years, he knows how to put out fires and get things moving. In general, he is the one that is called when his OR Doctors get out of line. (He is also a General Surgery Doctor)

Doctor Carson Beckett: Being in charge of the Emergency Room is quite a job for Carson. He enjoys what he does, and is friends with most of the other Doctors. Doctor McKay and he have been known to have heated discussions, but even they have a sort of friendship. He went to medical school with Doctor Weir.

Doctor Rodney McKay: Neurosurgery is McKay's life. He has no bedside manner what so ever, and would love to be able to never see the patients until they have been knocked out by Anesthesiology. He is the worlds leading Doctor in his field, but most have a hard time getting along with him. The most common thing heard is "Doctor McKay sure knows his stuff...what an asshole!". Doctor Sheppard, Doctor Weir, and Doctor Beckett are able to handle him better than the others.

Doctor Evan Lorne: For those of you who didn't know, TPTB at SGA have finally named Major Lorne, it's Evan. As an Anesthesiologist Lorne usually works with Sheppard and Weir. He will work with McKay, but only if there is no one else to do it. Like Sheppard he is well liked by his co-workers. He and Lindsey Novak are almost as talked about as Weir and Sheppard.

Doctor Radek Zelenka: Zelenka has the thankless job of almost always being the Anesthesiologist for McKay. The two Doctors butt heads all the time, but deep down McKay trusts him.

Laura Cadman: As an ER Nurse, Laura has seen just about everything. She enjoys her job, and especially likes when Doctor Beckett is making rounds.

Teyla Emmagan: Everyone wants her to be their OR Nurse. She is professional, but also knows how to tell the Doctors to stop being cry babies (in a nice way of course). She is from the same town as Ronon.

Lindsey Novak: Being a Life flight Nurse gives her an opportunity to work in many different places, but she seems to like coming to Atlantis General the most. Most would not think that this woman would be able to handle the stress of Life Flight, but she was able to get over her worries, and become one of the top flight nurses. She and Doctor Lorne are friends. (More than that is anyone's guess)

Ronon Dex: As a Scrub Tech, Ronon usually works with Sheppard. He will also float to Weir and at times McKay. He and Teyla grew up in the same town.

For any other support staff, feel free to include some of the "background" characters from Atlantis or make up your own.

All these bios are subject to change, and feel free to play around a little bit with what I have posted.

The Rules

1. Please try and research at least a tiny bit before writing your story. I know that this is just for fun, but it is hard to read a medical story, when all the medical stuff is wrong. (Example: If you are going to have your patient have back surgery that would not be John as he is general surgery. It would be more along the lines of Rodney as he is a neuro srg. etc...) You can make your stories as "deep" into the medical world as you want or as "shallow" into the world, just do your homework if you are going deep. *wink*

2. Please run your story through a spell checker at the very least. Maybe even think about getting a Beta. (I know that I would be lost without my Beta(s) as I am the worst when it comes to spelling.)

3. Please use the following format when posting your story:

In the Head-line

Fanfiction: (title), (Gen/Het/main pairing), (rating), (chapters)

(Example: Fanfiction: "Doctors", Het: Sheppard/Weir, R, 1/1)

Above the LJ Cut

Pairing: (If any)
Author's Note: (If any)

4. Please place your story behind an LJ Cut. (If you don't know how to do that, email me and I will help.)

5. Artwork is allowed here, just please place big artwork and/or lots of artwork behind an LJ Cut.

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