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07 March 2007 @ 08:29 pm
Fanfiction "Staff Meeting" gen, G, 1/1  
Title:Staff Meeting 1/1
Rating:Gen , G
Characters: several
Author's Note: My first fanfic. Been an addicted reader for several years and decided what the hell let's give it a try.

It was times likes these in which Stephen Caldwell realized that he belonged to a different generation. Currently he was conducting, or rather attempting to conduct, a staff meeting regarding once again concerns about interns and work hours. The meeting had been requested by Dr. Kavanagh because an intern had literally fallen asleep while acting as a “human retractor” during an emergency laparatomy the night before. Attendings from every section, general surgery, OB, neuro, cardiovascular, etc, were encouraged to attend and not only acknowledge the problem but hopefully find a solution that would satisfy everyone involved. In his time it was an accepted part of an internship program and all interns followed the policy of “put up and shut up”. If there had been an attending who was concerned about an intern they dealt with in privately, it was not typically the sole reason for a meeting to be arranged. With this generation the amount of understanding and sympathy toward the problem varied, but they all agreed that this was an unfortunate right of passage and though they had hated it, they had all endured it although not quietly. The meeting had begun with the usual grumblings of being pulled off the floor to attend a “bureaucratic gathering regarding ‘feelings’” as Dr. McKay had described it. When it was announced that Kavanagh had requested this discussion, there had been a collective groan because everybody suspected he had requested the meeting in an attempt to gain support and respect from the interns because no one in the present room had any for him. Dr. Mckay had then launched into his opinion of the subject.
“If they can’t handle the lack of sleep and the workload, then they need to find another profession, like I don’t know, maybe astrophysics, where the biggest worry is to make sure you calculate using the metric system. I do know that coddling interns is not in my job description” stated McKay as he leaved over the conference table in the direction of Dr. Kavanagh
“They are under tremendous stress and we need to change our view and policies to allow for them to learn and work safely. Pushing them to the brink is setting them up for failure” replied Kavanagh.
“Oh really, so when a 30 car pile up occurs on highway 80, resulting in multiple traumas, we are going to close our trauma center because the interns need to sleep after pulling a 12 hour shift. Let’s face it an internship determines who can and who can’t function on lack of sleep and if they can perform they duties efficiently and effectively under stress without killing a patient. This is brain surgery after all not rocket science” sneered Rodney.
Kavanagh had no immediate response just silence and a scowl.
Dr. Weir, who always played the diplomat during this types of meetings, responded “We all understand your concern Dr. Kavanagh and agree that the internship program is strenuous both mentally and emotionally and more so with the increase in medical knowledge and technology, but Dr. McKay is correct in that the it allows the individual to determine what their abilities and limits are and helps them decide whether they wish to continue in the program and if so which specialty of surgery to follow”.
Dr. Kavanagh’s response was to sit back down, cross his arms and continue to scowl. Nods from Sheppard and Beckett with the added quip of “Thank you Dr. Weir” from McKay seemed to just result in the proverbial smoke coming from his ears.
Dr. Caldwell then waited for any further response but all that remained was silence and quick glances between the various attendees. As usual this type of meeting resulted in only a rehash voicing of opinions of the matter with no suggestions of a solution, because they all knew that they wasn’t one. He was going to ask anyway.
“Are there any sugg” a loud electronic alarm stopped him mid-sentence. Strop lights followed immediately. Everybody glanced about to each with looks of momentary confusion, followed by relief. Damn fire alarm thought Dr. Caldwell. Unfortunately this meeting would have to be concluded at a later time.
At this point a low obnoxious staccato chuckle and the words “Fire, Fire, yeah Fire” burst from Dr. Sheppard.
Dr. McKay who was standing next to Sheppard, just looked down at his friend with a mixture of annoyance and amusement.
“Okay Beevis did you set this up or did the smoke coming out of Kavanagh’s ears set it off”
“Kavanagh” was Sheppard’s only response.
“How old are you two” asked Dr. Weir as she gathered her papers and rose to leave.
“What’s everybody’s hurry” replied Sheppard as he placed his hand on the floor “It’s not even hot yet we’ve got time. We can finish the meeting”
“Is that your profession opinion as to whether the building is on fire, because I would rather not go up in smoke with this hospital although I guess that could be classified as burning in hell” responded McKay
“Not unless Kavanagh goes with you” stated Sheppard
Dr. Weir just shook her head, directed Mckay toward the door while grasping Sheppard by his scrub shirt to encourage him to leave the room as well. “You still did not answer my question”
As Caldwell began to leave the room he caught Sheppard stopping momentarily to glance at his shoe and respond “12”.
Caldwell just shook his head and thought he would never understand this generation

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Vicky: [Atlantis] Carsonvickysg1 on March 8th, 2007 11:49 am (UTC)
Like it!

Good job for a first fic!
Macausmac on March 9th, 2007 05:34 am (UTC)
Couple of suggestions from an old hand.

Firstly, put spaces between your paragraphs. It's very hard on the eye when everything is jammed up together. People are more likely to read your story if it's physically easy to read.

Second, give it a good read through to check for errors or have someone check it for you. In your first para you say:

about an intern they dealt with in privately and

and if they can perform they duties efficiently

One last point - when you use a number, especially by itself, correct useage is "Twelve." rather than "12", otherwise the reader thinks you are quoting a numerical.

I'm assuming there is a word missing there.

And let me say - Caldwell is the man! I love him. Good to see him in a story. If you decide to write more and would like some beta help and writing tips, I can possibly help (assuming you don't hate me after the above).
docfred on March 9th, 2007 05:59 am (UTC)
thank you very much for the tips. I have never written this way so the review helped greatly. I will probably take you up your offer of beta.
world_of_blade: J/E Doctorsworld_of_blade on March 13th, 2007 06:02 am (UTC)
I really enjoyed this fic. It is so true to life that staff meetings are like this. Hope you write more. :)
docfred on March 14th, 2007 01:33 am (UTC)
thanks glad you enjoyed it.
hopalong_pxphopalong_pxp on September 19th, 2007 05:31 pm (UTC)
*Shakes head* I'm feeling sorry for anyone who has to deal with Kavanaugh.

Well done!